Sara Zalek at The Newberry Library

Nora Barton​: Cello

Dorothea Boyle: German blonde double bass

Sam Bradshaw: Double bass

Hannah Brock: Viola and looping pedals

Rammel Chan​: Storyteller

Remy Comerford: Violin

Christopher Damman​: Double bass

Tim Daisy: Percussion

Angel Bat Dawid​: Clarinet

Ryan Dunn: Wild and crazy reader

Alex Ellsworth​: Cello, ukulele, looping pedals, voice, and songs

Rami Gabriel​: oud

Ben LaMar Gay:​ Trumpet, melodica, and voice

Zachary Good: Clarinet, melodica, and voice

Susan Gordon​: Storyteller

Anton Hatwich: Double bass

Nathalie Colas Grant​: Voice and storyteller

Eric Heidbreder​: Bassoon, voice, and songs

Gin Hill: Cello

Billie Jean Howard​: Violin

Alex Inglizian​: Audio Engineer

Reid Karris: Prepared guitar

Jeff Kimmel​: Clarinet

Lia Kohl​: Cello

Mabel Kwan​: Piano, accordion, and toy piano

Eric Leonardson​: Springboard

Chloe Lin​: Pipa

Peter Maunu:​ Guitar and mandolin

Heather McShane: Wild and crazy reader

Nick Meryhew​: Trombone and storyteller

Alex Monroe​: Percussion

Zach Moore: Double bass

Jean-Luc Mosley: Saxophone

Eli Namay: Double bass

Trevor Patrick-Watkin​: Flute

Christophe Preissing​: Flute

Avreeayl Ra​: Percussion and wooden flute

William Jason Raynovich​: Cello

Laurie Roberts: Wild and crazy librarian

James Sanders​: Violin

Caitlin Savage: Wild and crazy librarian

Sam Scranton​: Drums

Joshua Siegal: Piano

Angela Young Smucker​: Voice

Jason Wayne Sneed: Double bass

Jessica Speer: Wild and crazy librarian

Peter Speer: Guitar

John Sutton: Double bass

Kimberly Sutton​: Cello

Trevor Patricia Watkin: Flutes, vocals

Albert Wildeman: Double bass

Jamison Williams​: Saxophone

Katherine Young​: Bassoon

Sara Zalek​: Story Teller and dancer

Lila Zofia-Wosko​: Cello

Dr. Adam Zanolini: Flute, bass

Richard Zelli: Clarinet

Ryan Zerna: Flute and voice

Nick Meryhew image.
Nick Meryhew at Washington Square Park