Night Out in the Parks Series Ends Soon!

Well the eclipse was awesome and soon some rain might come.  Some of us and some of you are already headed back to school.  We invite you to stretch out these last summer evenings with us at Jackson Park’s 67th Street Playlot on the corner of Ridgeland Tuesday, August 22 and 29.  We are honored to have two of the city’s most wonderful and interesting musicians join us.   August 22, oud player Rami Gabriel will introduce many to the wide range of sounds this traditional Indian stringed instrument can make.  Hear a sample here, and check out his latest CD here: Oud Blues and New Traditions.  Our finale music story time brings us back together with the phenomenal percussionist, Arvreeayl Ra, who might treat you to some flute sounds too.

Bring a blanket, a picnic, your favorite book for us to read and let’s keep on reading and rolling until September! Night Out in the Parks is a Chicago Park District initiative.

Above area few of this summer’s top ten.  Seems BLUE is cool with the kids these days.